A Weave of Words (aWoW) is a collection of thoughts and feelings that had to be written down because they were either too precious to forget or too heavy to bear. 

The collection spans decades and can be my own stories, observed, or simply imagined. 

The first few pieces published here will be from a blog that I quite abandoned a couple of years ago. A sidelight of the unprecedented times we live in is how it puts the spotlight back on things we used to love but got cast aside because we were ‘busy living’. 

I’ve always been fascinated with how we can weave words together to create a meaning that beautifully integrates and expresses our thoughts and feelings. Quarantine has led me to reconnect with this fascination and rebuild the blog where I used to share it.  

And while this site is meant to satisfy my poetic aspirations, I hope you’ll find joy reading it too.