My mind runs the words
Over and over again.
My heart aches to burst
From all the raging feelings.

The things I long to say
The truths you need to hear,
I fear that they just may

Be your heartbreaker.


My emotions are running wild
I can’t seem to rein them in.
They just flow out my skin
Like lava when a volcano erupts.

I can see the smoke belching
Out my ears and out my nose.
My head aches like it’s on fire
And ready to explode.

My heart is contracting
It’s pumping black, not red.
I am so mad at you
And you don’t even know.


It appeared like a star
In a very dark night.
It promised like a god
That you will be all right.

It lured you like a temptress
To a place you’ve never been.
It stirred you to a restlessness
Such as one you’ve never seen.

It warmed you up to a vision
Where you live your heart’s desires.
It then left you disillusioned
When it vanished as you caught fire.

The Break-up

The heart still breaks
Each time I think
Of the day you broke it.
The wound feels fresh
As if it’s only yesterday
That you inflicted it.
It tears me up to endure
Staying as we are,
Knowing we are no longer.
It drives me nuts
Keeping the ties together
When we both know
We’d rather not.

X Marks the Spot

It was a conversation
I wish I never had.
A dare against convention
I thought was brave and rad.

I let you see my future
It was a big mistake.
A call for you to nurture
Left me reel at its wake.

A year into that moment,
I’d like to mark the day
I chose to be transparent
And you took it away. 


Nothing tests
The strength of our ties
More than adversity.
In happier times
Our affections are easy.
But in bad, we let the pain
Hold us in a bind
And we lose sight
Of the day the sun
Takes over the night –

We break loose,
We let go;
We lose heart
To see it through.


Let go of that tear
That you have kept from falling.
And your heart –
That sacred little place
You have kept cold and unaffected –

Let it ache with all your pain.
Only then will you be free of him
Only then will you breathe.


You used to be
An integral part of me –
You filled my veins
With fire,
You fanned my heart’s
You took me up
So high –
You ruled me.

And then –

I lost you along the way
Or maybe you left,
I stayed.
Regardless how it
Came to be
I searched for you
Each day
And when I’m close
You just
Slip away.