Don’t you dare come near me
When all you are is a tease 
You play with my emotions
When your love is a lease. 

Why must you chase my affection
Then promptly leave me out cold
You raise glass walls between us
Now that my heart to you is sold. 


Come see me by the lakeshore
On a beautiful Sunday afternoon
I’ll bring the new picnic blanket
I just bought from Amazon.
Come take your bike and hit the trail
But don’t forget some ice-cold beer
I’ll wait for you under the tree
I just claimed as ours today.
Come watch the waves roll in and out
And people stoked for a summer sun
Too bad you will never make it here
Figments of imagination never do.


What happened to you?
You were the sunshine
That lit up a room
You were the laughter
That couldn’t wait
To turn the sound on
You had the sharpest wit
The kindest heart
The sweetest love.
Now you wear a scowl
That spoils a happy mood
You shoot spite from those eyes
That used to only see
The best of me.
You have the loudest screams
The saddest sobs
The look of surrender.

What have I turned you into?

Prequel: The Knot