What hold do you have of me
That I tend to measure myself
In the sparkle of your eyes
Or depth of your sighs?
Why must the tone of your voice
Or purse of your lips
Have the power to decide
What eats me up inside?
How did you turn into my mirror
But kept a mind of your own
Will the reflection I see
Ever stop breaking me?

Poker Face

You wear your heart out too much,
Your emotions a neon show.
Is there a way you can hide them?
They look so raw.

You say you’re being honest
You think you’re being just.
They get what they see
But do they honor your trust?

You can’t just open all your cards
And let them play as they please.
Hold some aces to your heart
They deserve much less.

Alternative Reality

It's the kind of world
Where you can be bold
To call the shots
Or drop the ball
Without a care
For repercussions.

It’s the state of being
Where you can be whole
To reign in the hurt
Or not feel the hate
Like your heart
Is not at breaking point.

It’s the form of escape
Where you can be free
To live without worry
And love truly and fully
As if life is not
Your current reality.