You used to be
An integral part of me –
You filled my veins
With fire,
You fanned my heart’s
You took me up
So high –
You ruled me.

And then –

I lost you along the way
Or maybe you left,
I stayed.
Regardless how it
Came to be
I searched for you
Each day
And when I’m close
You just
Slip away.

Alternative Reality

It's the kind of world
Where you can be bold
To call the shots
Or drop the ball
Without a care
For repercussions.

It’s the state of being
Where you can be whole
To reign in the hurt
Or not feel the hate
Like your heart
Is not at breaking point.

It’s the form of escape
Where you can be free
To live without worry
And love truly and fully
As if life is not
Your current reality.