My emotions are running wild
I can’t seem to rein them in.
They just flow out my skin
Like lava when a volcano erupts.

I can see the smoke belching
Out my ears and out my nose.
My head aches like it’s on fire
And ready to explode.

My heart is contracting
It’s pumping black, not red.
I am so mad at you
And you don’t even know.

3 thoughts on “Seething

  1. What a wonderful composition: all those great images. And yet still: “I am so mad at you / And you don’t even know.” I think this really shows the importance of communication. And also maybe the niceness of finding someone who knows without truly knowing, if that makes sense. Good post!

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comments and appreciation! They so well reflect your own quality posts.

      Yes, finding that someone makes sense, and would be nice. This wasn’t about a close relationship though, so there was no further hope for anything better. 😅

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      1. Thanks for that sweet compliment! And I see what you mean. In a close relationship this is almost necessary to make it through. But sometimes hope does run out. Not everything can last forever.

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