It was a promise You pinned your hopes on It was a future You knew you owned. But it doesn’t happen Like it’s supposed to It came crashing down Like a brick on you. So for self-respect You refuse to just take it And for self-preservation You choose to quit.

Chance Encounter

The surge of feelingsAt the sight of youSwirled around meLike a personal tornado.We are long overOur past buried deepBut when our eyes meetThey remember to weep.


Don’t you dare come near me When all you are is a tease  You play with my emotions When your love is a lease.  Why must you chase my affection Then promptly leave me out cold You raise glass walls between us Now that my heart to you is sold. 


I see you look at them From a distance For this is a time When love means Staying away Letting the eyes speak And the hands touch Through the wind.   You heal the wounded Yet the universe Thinks its you Who owes it Making you pay With hugs of loved ones And at its …

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The forces within Are in constant battle. The good always wins – Or so you thought. But the veil has been lifted Revealing a barefaced you You with your angel wings Deserve no halo. In truth, you hide That dark little side.

Lost in 2020

The world still stands But battered and weak. It may not recover – Farewells that were never given When the dead were put to rest Hugs that were carefree But now puts one at risk.   Or simply, the freedom to breathe Unobstructed. Prequel: 2020

Ode to the Sun

When you’re close to the horizon That’s when I like you best Whether it be in the mornings When you rise in the east Or the lovely evenings When you set in the west.   When you cross that natural line That’s when you truly shine bright It warms my heart each time You turn …

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Politically Incorrect

I have no patience For your twisted mind The way you serve a fool Has turned your eyes blind.   I have no passion For your toxic discourse The points you try to make Echo a fake source.   I have no respect For your empty goal The lies you call opinion Have corrupted your …

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What hold do you have of me That I tend to measure myself In the sparkle of your eyes Or depth of your sighs?   Why must the tone of your voice Or purse of your lips Have the power to decide What eats me up inside?   How did you turn into my mirror …

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A Battle with Time

The clock ticks away like It doesn’t give a damn whether You make it or miss. Its allegiance is hitched To everyone or everything else – Never with you. So you wage a war against it, Defying its natural flow, Keeping with your own rhythm. You never win.


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