• The Void
    It was the kind of news
    That took out your blues
    A daredevil move
    That broke up our groove.

    A certain kind of sadness
    Sits in your empty chair
    A looming madness
    Will soon fill the air.
  • The One That Got Away
    I steal a glance at you sometimes
    With eyes that still wonder why
    A nod, a smile, a quick hello
    Is all that's left of me and you
    The jokes I throw at your expense
    Come from the hurt deep within
    You were once a devoted lover
    Now a distant, wary stranger
    Did I do something wrong?
    Did you find someone new?
    How could all your thoughtfulness
    Abruptly turn into this mess?
    So, thank you for that talk
    Incidental it may have been
    It's good to know you truly cared
    And just did not know I also did. 
  • Bitcoin: The Romance in Volatility
    I see you fall
    Every now and then
    Breaking hearts
    Without a care.

    You move on fast
    This we know
    A magic ride
    That ebbs and flows.

    Can’t you make up
    Your fickle mind
    Just trend back up
    And stay on high.

  • Irrevocably
    Second chances
    Will not come into play
    Between us this time.
    We’ve crossed a line
    That will never let us
    Cross back.
    Faith and respect
    Can never be restored
    The way they were last.
    The betrayal was reeling –
    Even time will not dare
    Heal it. 
    The bond we built
    Has become a waste –
    It shattered into pieces.
    Our ties are cut completely
    We might as well
    Be strangers. 
  • Onslaught
    The letdowns come one after another
    And at times together
    As if one will not hurt enough.
    And the tears
    The tears keep falling
    Like they are your silent screams.
    The one who set this in motion
    You trusted him
    You know you’ll never forgive. 

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