• Bitcoin: The Romance in Volatility
    I see you fall
    Every now and then
    Breaking hearts
    Without a care.

    You move on fast
    This we know
    A magic ride
    That ebbs and flows.

    Can’t you make up
    Your fickle mind
    Just trend back up
    And stay on high.

  • Irrevocably
    Second chances
    Will not come into play
    Between us this time.
    We’ve crossed a line
    That will never let us
    Cross back.
    Faith and respect
    Can never be restored
    The way they were last.
    The betrayal was reeling –
    Even time will not dare
    Heal it. 
    The bond we built
    Has become a waste –
    It shattered into pieces.
    Our ties are cut completely
    We might as well
    Be strangers. 
  • Onslaught
    The letdowns come one after another
    And at times together
    As if one will not hurt enough.
    And the tears
    The tears keep falling
    Like they are your silent screams.
    The one who set this in motion
    You trusted him
    You know you’ll never forgive. 
  • Surrender
    It was a promise
    You pinned your hopes on
    It was a future
    You knew you owned.
    But it doesn’t happen
    Like it’s supposed to
    It came crashing down
    Like a brick on you.
    So for self-respect
    You refuse to just take it
    And for self-preservation
    You choose to quit.
  • Chance Encounter

    The surge of feelings
    At the sight of you
    Swirled around me
    Like a personal tornado.

    We are long over
    Our past buried deep
    But when our eyes meet
    They remember to weep.

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